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Snowden’s ‘Chicken coop blues‘ is one of the first cigar box guitar videos that I ever stumbled across, so I felt truly honoured to meet with Mike at his workshop today in Marietta, Georgia.

Mike Snowden has made around 1400 cigar box guitars in the last ten years and is regarded as a prominent figure in the most recent revival of cigar box guitars, as well as writing 6 albums of cigar box guitar music (I now own 5 of them!) and continually performing with his instruments.

As well as performances and stalls at festivals, Snowden enjoys hosting workshops for children to make and play simple guitars, which he says is always so rewarding when they finish.

In this video he explains why he makes cigar box guitars and plays a rendition of Chicken Coop Blues.

Ozzy and Jack Osbourne recently visited Snowden’s workshop to film part of their series Ozzy & Jack’s World Detour in which Ozzy bought a guitar from Snowden which puts him on a long list of stars to own one of Snowden’s guitars and I expect this list will continue to expand as a result of his enthusiasm and craftsmanship.

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