Meeting Ben Gitty Baker, Amzie Adams, & Collins Kirby at The Frenchmen.

Ben Gitty Baker is the proud owner of Cigar Box Nation and C. B. Gitty Crafter Supply, an informative  database and supplier of parts, kits and gear for makers all around the world.

I met him at the Frenchmen hotel with his three string ‘2 cent Genny‘ along with his friend Amzie Adams who is a musician, a widely-known painter, and probably the most recognisable character on Frenchmen Street.

Amzie brought along his ‘godzilla’ instrument made from a 2 x 4, three cigar boxes, and 6 strings. As well as this monster, he’s been making and playing all sorts of handmade instruments since the late 60s, possibly making him one of the most established cigar box guitarists in New Orleans.

We were also joined by Collins Kirby who has been one of the main powers behind the New Orleans Cigar Box Guitar festival, a cultural and musical celebration of handmade stringed instruments.

We all sat in the shade and shared stories about our experience with the instruments and discussed their
visible potential. It was interesting to hear Ben’s modest driving force behind such a well established business and finding parallels in both of our aims.

More to come after another meeting with Ben & Amzie…

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