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Amzie took me to a gallery where his handmade bass guitar is on show along with many of his extraordinary paintings. After demonstrating how the bass works he explained how it completely changed his style of playing music, due to its simplicity.

As mentioned in the last post, Amzie has been making music out of junk since the 60’s which makes him one of the longest running Cigar Box Guitarists in NOLA. He recalled his surprise when he saw a poster for the New Orleans Cigar Box Guitar Festival for the first time and discovered that the concept was gaining momentum around the world.

I met Amzie and Ben by the banks of the Mississippi river as the sun set behind the skyline for a jam session which couldn’t have been any more bluesy, with the ships rolling by and the freight train running behind us!

Amzie tuned his Voodoo Stick to the sound of the freight train and let loose with it down by the tracks.
Warning.. this video contains handmade avant-garde punk music and loud noises!


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